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User's Manuals
Phone Guardian
JetPort II
Cyclone 6/16/32
BlackBoard-4 (900kb)
BBS-550 (390kb)
PCSS-8(T,U,X) (140kb)
PCSS-8 FA/FX all (4.7mb)
pp 1-26 (1.2mb)   
pp 27-62 (1.7mb)   
pp 63-94 (1.5mb)   
SmartCard-8 (1.3mb)
Model 9000 Prog  (185kb)
PGMX Comm Software

PGMX software(185kb)

Model 9000A Add (365kb)
GTEK Long Distance Cont.
RJ45's as on GTEK cards
Comm Software

7128/7228/7956 PGMX7 (278kb)

7956 Gang Prog. (105kb)
9800 Gang Prog. (149kb)
7344 Programmer (178kb)
7128 Programmer (113kb)
7228 Programmer (113kb)
705 MPU Programmer (24kb)
2010B SBComputer (90kb)
2010M SBComputer (90kb)
2020 SBComputer (57kb)
CPEmulator (1mb)
Romx2 EprEmu (2340kb)
Romx2XL EprEmu (98.2kb)
KATRINA NOTICE - Gtek and its facility were severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina on 8/29/2005.

As of 2/1/2010, no manufacturing has taken place since Katrina, nor is any expected to in the future.  

Some customers have been licensed to manufacture certain of our products for their individual needs.

Please contact if you are interested in obtaining a license to manufacture any Gtek product..

Documentation for all GTEK products, past and present, is available in Adobe Acrobat .PDF file format.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these files.  If you do not have it, follow the link at the top right of this page to download.

This page is under construction, so every selection might not  be available.   As each file is added, then it's "space holder" name will be removed, and replaced by a hyperlink to that file.

GTEK Products
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